Phrases and Clauses

Phrases and Clauses The first thing to know to determine a phrase and a clause is to know first what is meant by subject and predicate. What or who we are speaking about in a sentence is called the subject. What is said about the subject is called the predicate. 1.    He cleans.  (HE is [...]


Dangling Modifiers

Modifiers Every part of the sentence should be so placed that its relation to the rest of the sentence is clear and unmistakable. Modifiers should be placed as close as possible to the words they modify. In shifting the position o placement of modifiers, meaning may change, as in the example given in the previous [...]


Modifier makes the idea vivid

We are making sure that our sentences express the right view we are trying to point out. By using descriptive words, it makes the idea vivid for the reader. But most of the time we are not aware about the placement of the modifier, even professionals (not all) commit this mistake. Thus the need to [...]



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